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Here's how you start. Important points (1) feet about shoulder width apart - a stance where the feet are too far apart or too close together makes it difficult to move quickly and maintain balance; (2) two hands on the caman, one at the top and one half or two-thirds of the way down the stick; (3) back of the hand facing forward on the top hand, fingers forward on the bottom hand; (4) toe of the caman pointing upwards.


All other positions will derive, to some extent, from this one. Chose which hand to have as your top hand (the hand at the top of the caman) by what feels most comfortable in swinging in the various positions (hands apart, hands together, from both sides). Once chosen try not to move your top hand during the run of, but make adjustments with the bottom hand. This means that when you swing from the opposite side your grip will be what might be referred to as a cross-handed grip - that is OK, just get used to it!